Solar Cost

We are open to general questions and comments about solar and building integrated photovoltaics.  Our products are roof tiles with solar embedded into them.

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    1. The average installed price in the US is about $5 per watt and the hardware (panels, mounting, inverter) is less than half of that amount. The other part is the soft costs (labor, engineering, permits, etc.) and the effort is on to reduce these costs.

      The underlying roof is sometimes not considered thoroughly when installing rooftop solar. How long will the underlying roof last? Asphalt shingle roofs last about 15-18 years. The solar panels should continue to perform for about 25 years. There is going to be a re-roof project during the solar panel lifetime. When considering a rooftop solar project, consider the life cycle costs. It is possible to put on a longer lasting roof, such as a metal roof, which lasts around 35-50 years when considering solar. Ceramic tiles last very long and cement tiles about 30 years. If you can get mortgage financing for this infrastructure improvement along with the solar project you can keep all the tax benefits that typically go to a leasing company for a solar lease.

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